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Pay it Forward

The founder of Hues by Huston, Dawn Huston, has some incredible people in her life. When her life changed overnight, requiring a complete change of pace for many many months, she found the power of healing in true friendship.


She's determined to pay it forward.


5% of every transaction made through this organization will go to helping a family who is far from home and in need of comfort.  Donations will be made to the Ronald McDonald House from Hues By Huston.


Community Shout-Out

Meet Angela Manginell (to your right). She's one of five master minds, and hundreds of volunteers behind Lessons From Abroad (LFA).


What is LFA? It's a labor of love for making sure that the circle of growth and development doesn't stop for students when they return home from studying abroad. LFA's mission is to help students make sense of their international education experience after they have returned home.


Why is this important? Until 2008, when LFA began, resources for "returnees" were incredibly limited. Students often found themselves struggling with how to process, articulate, and integrate what they learned across borders. 


LFA currently produces 20 returnee conferences, and the only person at LFA who makes even a modest penny is the intern! Again, this is a labor of love to ensure community growth. 


To learn more about LFA, and just a few of the many people who make it possible, head to




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