Take a Class

Go ahead...

... have a little fun!

...have a lot of fun!

You don't have to be Picasso.


Dawn will happily coax out your inner artist in a judgment-free zone. 


Just sit back and have fun!


A Fun and Easy Course for All.


Print-making doesn't have to be expensive or hard.It doesn't require an investment either. 


Dawn has offered her print-making course at both the Denver Botanic Gardens and Venetucci Farm (via the Pikes Peak Community Foundation. Learn more about this class


Customized Classes.


Dawn teaches both private and group art lessons. She also customizes each lesson to the desire of her audience. 


No need to paint the "image of the day." Dawn will customize an image to teach you and your friends on a day that fits your schedule


Call or email her today to talk about what you would like out of an art class.  


No Need to Break the Bank.


Multi-hour, affordable classes. Classes are provided on location (yours if you prefer...or at a studio).







When Dawn hears music, she also sees the art she'd like to complete in her mind.


Words to live by: "pay it forward." Individuals and organizations choose how they will impact those around them every day. "Hues" enjoys giving recognition to those who choose too build community. The Community Shout Out is updated regularly. 

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