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An Unusual Beginning

"I'm going to need you to start your own business... I can hire you at my engineering firm."

The Call that Started the Journey.


When I received a call from a long-lost college friend, I didn't expect the request I was about to receive.


He was so glad he had found me because he had always wanted to hire me. He had my attention (since when does an engineer want to hire a fine artist).


As it turned out, I had just the unusual combination of skills his Human Factors team needed.


What the FLY on the WALL Heard Next.


"They need to connect with each other. They need to understand they are a team. They need to open the right side of their brains."


"Do you see my problem? They are engineers. This is not the natural state of an engineer." 


"I want YOU to teach them how to do this. You've always understood people. You are a natural leader."


The Catch.


"You'll have to create your own LLC first.


I want you to integrate art into the process."


The rest is history...







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